When we talk about Plastic Surgery and tobacco we already discuss its harmful effects. For example, the toxins that our body accumulates when we smoke are able to slow down the healing processes. Today we return to the topic to emphasize that tobacco can also affect the healing of bone fractures.

To make such a claim, we relied on data from a research study that analyzed data from about 20 studies. In them, scientists reviewed the existing literature on smoking and how it affects the healing of long bone fractures, i.e., those that are longer than wide.

This research shows that smokers need more time to heal fractures. In addition, tobacco increases the risk that the fracture will not heal completely, creating a less good bond and increased risk of infection.

The study “The Musculoskeletal Effects of Cigarette Smoking” by the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at the University of Michigan also found that smoking reduces bone mineral density and increases the risk of bone and tendon injury.

Quitting smoking undoubtedly benefits the patient, and when we plan to go through the operating room for plastic surgery or any other type of surgery where muscles and bones are going to be operated on we must be aware that a small sacrifice such as quitting smoking for a few weeks or months can benefit our recovery process and reduce the risk of complications..

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