Dr. Juan Martinez Gutierrez is a plastic surgeon with extensive experience in breast surgery. If you are looking for breast augmentation clinics in Malaga we can help you at the Medical Centre Quirónsalud in Malagueta or at the Hospital Quirónsalud in Marbella.

Choose Breast Augmentation Clinic

In Malaga there are many plastic surgery clinics, not in vain we are one of the main destinations for medical tourism in southern Europe. When choosing a clinic or hospital it is good to find out if they are equipped with modern operating theatres with all the guarantees of safety.

When choosing a cosmetic surgery clinic the price is not indicative. The more expensive ones probably inflate prices because they are aimed at a high purchasing power public. The cheaper ones may be offering a surgery that is not adapted to our needs.

Apart from the clinic, we must know the qualifications and experience of the Plastic Surgeon. Unfortunately in the field of Plastic Surgery there is a lot of intrusiveness and the current legislation does not help. This is to the detriment of the patient, so it is important to be clear that the doctor is a specialist in Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. That is to say, a professional who has completed his medical degree, then passed the MIR exam to gain access to one of the few plastic surgeon positions offered each year by the Social Security in Spain and has completed the specialty for 5 years under the supervision of other specialists.

If you go to a breast augmentation clinic in Malaga and you are not seen by a Plastic Surgeon keep looking. It is not normal for a consultant or salesperson who is not a specialist in Plastic Surgery to see you during your consultation. In professional clinics, the specialist is always there to help you with your breast surgery.

Breast augmentation price in Quirón

Many patients ask about the price of breast augmentation at Quirón. It is not wise to give an answer without having assessed the case in consultation. Every woman needs a custom solution, it is of little use to give the minimum price that is usually with a round implant. If the patient needs a breast lift or anatomical breast prosthesis the price will not be the same.

Therefore, our recommendation is that you stop by the clinic to make an assessment and resolve all doubts. This way you will have the opportunity to meet the Plastic Surgeon who will perform the operation personally and you will get a personalized quote. We can also show you the results of breast augmentation surgery, the before and after, that we have achieved with similar cases.

If you are still worried about the cost, you should know that you can finance the price of the breast augmentation for 12 or even 24 months without interest. If you are interested, the clinic will also explain what documentation is required to apply for the loan. Our goal is to make sure that money is not an obstacle so that you can receive the best possible treatment to make your wishes come true.

To make an appointment at any of the breast augmentation clinics in Malaga you can call 638602462. The first informative appointment is without obligation, take advantage of it and call us now, or send us the following form.

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