Breast Augmentation

When the breast is underdeveloped, we put a prosthesis to give it the desirable volume

Breast augmentation — also known as Mammoplasty — is surgery to increase breast size and shape. It involves placing breast implants under breast tissue or chest muscles.

Through such interventions we can improve the shape of those people who think they have a small chest, those who lost volume after pregnancy breast, or people who want to balance both breasts.

At your first appointment will be a full evaluation. Considering the size, shape, firmness, your expectations, and your overall health, we can plan the most appropriate procedure to achieve the best possible outcome in each case.

What is the procedure?

The breast augmentation surgery is performed in an operating either in a clinic or hospital. Generally required hospitalization, although it is often the next day discharge. The breast augmentation surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia, so the patient is asleep during the operation, which lasts one to two hours.

Breast augmentation is performed through a small incision, depending on the patient’s anatomy and the preferences of your plastic surgeon, the surgeon can make incisions in the groove under the breast, in the armpit or around the areola . The incision is made so that the resulting scar is almost invisible.

Through this incision, the surgeon lifts the breast tissue to create a pocket, either under the pectoral muscle or under the gland, to place the breast implant. After this, depending on the case, drains are placed or not during 24 hours and a bandage. After the first 24 hours you can use a sports bra, and lead a normal life.

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Frequently asked questions about Breast Augmentation

Will I feel pain after the operation?
Unless otherwise indicated the surgeon, after 24 or 48 hours you can make normal life. Thanks to the prescribed medication, you can control most of the discomfort, however you may feel some pain for a couple of weeks. Efforts should avoid or exercise the next two weeks.
When I can get back to work?
In general, most patients can return to work after a few days, depending on the evolution of recovery or the type of work you do. Anyway, it is not convenient lifting things over your head until after two or three weeks to not force the tissues.
Can I breastfeed after the operation?
Rest assured that breast augmentation does not limit your ability to breastfeed. Also, for your peace of mind, you should know that there is no scientific evidence that breast implants affect fertility, pregnancy or lactation.
Are there risks?
Like any operation, there may be risks typical of an operation, which, however, in the hands of a qualified plastic surgeon are very small.

For example, capsular contracture, which is an overreaction of the body around the prosthesis, occurs at a very low rate with current implants. This can be treated in several ways, sometimes requiring the removal of said tissue and / or prosthetic replacement.

Other possible complications are much less common, such as breakage of the prosthesis, which occurs in less than 0.5% of cases, hematoma or bleeding around the implant, infection, etc..

How soon can I sunbathe?
The scars on the breast augmentation are rare, and most often located under the breast and, like all scars, requires some care during the first 6 months.

During the first two or three weeks is not recommended sunbathing until the scars are no longer red, and after that use sun protection cream with a high protection factor. Thus, these scars will heal and will gradually decline and dissembling.

Is there any risk of cancer associated with breast implants?
The association between breast implants and breast cancer does not exist and never has been proved. Breast prostheses not interfere with gynecological examinations or imaging tests such as magnetic resonance mammography, which are usually performed.

Dr. Martínez Gutiérrez has never used PIP breast implants. Since its recall, quality control of breast implants are even more demanding and strict, so now more than ever we can be sure that our implants are safe and reliable.




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