One of the things that most concerns any woman undergoing breast surgery is the results. In the case of breast augmentation, plastic surgeons resort to testers to simulate the result. Additionally, some Plastic Surgeons decide to have a Plastic Surgery simulator for breast augmentation.

This type of software is capable of performing a 3D simulation of the results taking into account the real anatomy of the patient. In fact, it is based on a series of captures of the real image of the patient’s body. After adding the parameters of the recommended breast prosthesis, a simulation can be obtained in real time.

This mammoplasty simulation is becoming more and more popular and helps certain patients to reduce anxiety. It also gives a more accurate idea of how different shapes (anatomical or round) and sizes of breast prostheses affect. For example, if a patient has doubts between a 240cc or 300cc breast augmentation, visualizing the result can be very helpful and provide some peace of mind. Without a doubt, it is an innovative way of teaching the patient what Cosmetic Surgery can do.

Accuracy and patient satisfaction studies

To date, some studies have been conducted to determine the accuracy of these simulations. In 2014: 3D Imaging for Breast Augmentation: Is This Technology Providing Accurate Simulations?. In their conclusions they affirm that this type of applications have a high degree of precision, superior to 90% in both the volume and the contour of the breasts.

Other studies have analysed whether the use of a Plastic Surgery simulator for breast augmentation improves results. In 2018: A Prospective Evaluation of Three-Dimensional Image Simulation: Patient-Reported Outcomes and Mammometrics in Primary Breast Augmentation. In this evaluation it is clear that it can improve doctor-patient communication, however it does not seem to improve patient satisfaction with the results.

We must bear in mind that this type of application will hardly be able to perform a 100% real simulation. They allow the patient to be more involved in the choice of breast prostheses but do not take into account, for example, the thickness of the pectoral muscle and other post-operative aspects that influence the final result.

Breast Augmentation Simulators

Some sectors of activity such as architecture or interior design have been using 3D simulators for some time. On the other hand, augmented reality is already used in some mobile apps that allow us to modify our face. Both technologies applied to the world of medicine are used, for example, to create simulators for breast augmentation.

Keep in mind that using these tools from home and without the advice of a Plastic Surgeon is not worth much. It could lead to false expectations or a tendency to seek results that do not match the patient’s anatomy. The information given in the consultation during the medical visit cannot be replaced by a simulator.

One of the first tasks of the Plastic Surgeon is to determine the shape, position and size of breast prostheses that are best suited to the anatomy of the patient. Their knowledge and experience are essential, so it is advisable to go to the specialist’s office and thus take advantage to resolve any doubts.

With all this in mind, let’s review some of the most popular tools today.

Crisalix® Plastic Surgery Simulator

The Plastic Surgery simulator 4D and 3D Crisalix is a tool used by some Plastic Surgeons in consultation. Like other augmented reality applications, it allows the result of the breast augmentation to be superimposed on a real-time image of the patient. As an additional service they allow the patient to consult the simulation from home and share it with family or friends.

In addition, this company offers the possibility of freely using its 3d plastic surgery application from home. Paying the stipulated price, anyone can have access, upload their photos and modify their appearance.

ILLUSIO® Plastic Surgery Simulator

The ILLUSIO simulator also works with 3D augmented reality. In other words, it combines a live image of the patient with a realistic 3D virtual image of the breasts that can be obtained after breast surgery. This tool turns a tablet into a “magic mirror”, where the patient can be seen in real time and from different angles.

See breast augmentation results in virtual reality

Finally, another of the most striking technological advances is virtual reality. There are already programs that allow you to see the results of the breast augmentation in virtual reality. You simply need to capture images of the patient from different angles. Then the data is entered and virtual reality glasses are put on.

Once again Crisalix, as well as Axis Three or Vectra 3D are some of the most popular options to enjoy this virtual experience. Basically they allow you to see the result in 3D from any angle. The patient can be seen in the first person or from the outside and in real size.

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