Choosing the right type and size of prosthesis, as well as putting yourself in the hands of a good plastic surgeon, is essential to achieving a perfect breast. Today we can achieve a breast augmentation with a beautiful and natural look.

Even today, many patients worry that their breast augmentation is noticeable, mainly because they don’t want to be the subject of comments or they fear that bust too firm, exuberant and even excessive of some celebrities, this is perfectly understandable, but a good augmentation of breast, even if it is noticeable, will go in harmony with their silhouette and therefore the only thing that will achieve is to beautify their figure.

Obviously, the vast majority of patients do not belong to the entertainment world, they are normal people who simply want to improve their appearance and strengthen confidence in themselves, both when they undress and wear the clothes they like best.

Breast augmentation is the most requested cosmetic surgery intervention in Spain. Both among young women under the age of 25, and in the next age group up to 45. In all of them, excellent results can be achieved in small, asymmetrical breasts or those that are beginning to suffer from the effects of gravity and motherhood.

By choosing the right prostheses we can achieve such natural results that most people would be unable to recognize at first sight. Placed under the pectoral muscle, they are not even easy to detect by touch.

Current surgical techniques also allow sufficient space for the prosthesis to move freely. This way it does not stay static or rigid when we move or lie down, but accommodates like a natural breast.

Tips for choosing the right breast prostheses

Choosing the right prostheses for the breast augmentation we want is a task that involves both the plastic surgeon and the patient. Through these simple tips you will discover the essential aspects to consider when choosing.

  1. Chest measurements, before surgery the plastic surgeon takes all kinds of measurements. Then perform a series of calculations that allow you to determine the implants you need to achieve the most harmonious result with your body.
  2. The shape of the breast, that is, if for example you have a small breast you should not choose the largest prosthesis, or if you have a sagging breast or mammary asymmetry, you may need to make some additional correction and even use prosthesis of different sizes.
  3. The technique for breast augmentation, we discuss both where the incision through which the prosthesis is inserted and where it will be placed. Below the pectoral muscle is usually the option that gives best results.
  4. Listen to your plastic surgeon, you may have been informed online or through your contacts. That’s fine, but the plastic surgeon is the one who can solve all your doubts and provide you with the best advice to achieve a perfect breast augmentation for your body. What has worked with a friend doesn’t have to work with your body.

If you are seduced by the idea of having a breast augmentation but have doubts about the right prosthesis size to get the best result, now you can arrange and no obligation appointment – calling 638602462 – with Dr. Martinez Gutierrez to study your case, we can assist you in Malaga, Marbella and Granada.

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