When one woman has a larger breast than the other, we talk about mammary asymmetry. Both breasts are usually not exactly the same and can vary in shape or size. This is something frequent in greater or lesser degree that we can resolve through cosmetic surgery.

Although for some patients it is the main reason to have breast surgery, for others, having one breast larger than the other goes unnoticed.

Interestingly enough, there is usually a difference in shape or size. Even if it is mild, we must take it into account before surgery and detect it in the preoperative studies.

Asymmetric breast surgery

Surgery to correct asymmetric breasts is complex. The specialist must take into account the current shape and size of the breasts, areolas and nipples, foresee their probable evolution. You can then determine the best options based on patient preferences.

aumento-senosIf necessary, the plastic surgeon may use different breast implants to achieve the most symmetrical result. This is usually necessary only when the patient has a noticeable mammary asymmetry.

Depending on the case and the patient’s preferences, there may be different solutions that do not even require an implant:

  • If both breasts are not large and have a similar shape, you can opt for an implant for the smaller breast, or augment both breasts with implants of different sizes if necessary to match the result.
  • If both breasts are not large but the patient does not want implants, the possibility of augmentation with lipofilling can be evaluated. It consists of transferring fat from another area of your body to the chest to gain the necessary volume. Very thin patients may not be eligible for this treatment if they do not have enough fat to aspirate.
  • If a breast is too large or sagging you can choose to reduce the larger one to achieve the desired balance. Whether you need a reduction or a breast lift, you should know that the intervention leaves a scar, although with the time it becomes less visible.

These are just three possible cases of asymmetrical breasts as an example to guide the patient a little bit. It is always ideal to meet with the plastic surgeon in person. He will make an accurate diagnosis and explain to you the possible solutions to achieve the best possible result.

If you have one breast larger than the other and you would like to solve the problem, we can help you. You should make an appointment with a plastic surgery specialist such as Dr. Juan Martinez Gutierrez. We can help you personally in Malaga, Marbella or Granada.

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