Polyurethane implants is the brief way to refer to implants filled with cohesive silicone gel that are coated with polyurethane foam. In this article we comment on various breast operations with polyurethane implants and what are the advantages they bring.

The body of each woman is unique and different from the others. The dimensions of the thorax, congenital defects, the decrease of the breast or the absence of volume vary completely in each case. For this reason the catalog of breast implants offers a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Most patients know that they can have a round or anatomical shape. Even before coming to the consultation they usually have a more or less clear idea of the projection they want. What is usually less clear is the placement plane and texture that you must have to avoid complications.

Both the filling and the texture condition drastically the price of breast implants. Our recommendation is not to be guided by prices, as these interventions can be financed in comfortable terms. Choose the option that achieves the best result and has the lowest risk of complications and secondary surgeries.

Implants with silicone or polyurethane cover?

The cheapest breast implants are those with a smooth texture, but they also give the most problems with capsular contracture. The most common option in a breast augmentation are textured breast implants. This is because its rough surface facilitates the formation of a thin capsule around the prosthesis.

This surface or cover is usually a silicone that mimics the polyurethane. Obviously, an imitation is not the same as a polyurethane cover. The adhesion of the polyurethane is clearly superior to that of texturized silicone, because the foam surface is better integrated with the tissue.

This great advantage greatly reduces the risk of encapsulation, helps prostheses to retain their position in the body and prevents them from rotating or dislocating. In cases where the patient has weakened breast tissue or has undergone encapsulation, prosthesis migration, rippling or folds, the safest option is implants with a polyurethane coating.

Polyurethane implants can be placed in the subglandular, supramuscular or submuscular plane. If in doubt, it is best to let the plastic surgeon advise you. Do not hesitate to visit several specialists to contrast opinions. Try not to be guided too much by the experience of a friend or relative, as we have said each woman requires a personalized solution.

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