Dr Martinez GutierrezToday we want to give some advice for choosing a plastic surgeon, since unfortunately this profession suffers a worrisome level of intrusism, whose failures damage the image of the real doctors specialized in Plastic Surgery.

Choosing a plastic surgeon is simple if we know what skills we should demand. To make it easier the most important we can summarize in three points:

  1. Must be Plastic Surgeon, in addition to the title of medicine, the doctor must have the specialty of Plastic, Restorative and Aesthetic Surgery. You must know that getting the specialty is the result of a long and demanding period of selection at the state level, and of theoretical and practical training, for a minimum of 5 years after the degree in medicine.
  2. Check the curriculum, verify that the surgeon has the specialty, in which hospitals he received training, and to which scientific society he belongs. In the case of Spain, plastic surgeons are grouped in SECPRE, the Spanish Society of Plastic, Restorative and Aesthetic Surgery.
  3. Check if the surgeon is linked to a hospital or clinic of recognized prestige. These medical centers are always concerned that their professionals keep up to date on medical advances and of course requires that they have first-level training and experience.

Choose Plastic Surgeon in Malaga

In Malaga we have excellent plastic surgeons, and if you are in the moment of choosing a plastic surgeon Dr. Martínez Gutiérrez meets all the requirements mentioned above.

  • Doctor specialized in Plastic Surgery and Ophthalmology via M.I.R. In the Hospitals Carlos Haya of Málaga and the 12 of October of Madrid respectively.
  • Full member of SECPRE, SEO and SECPOO, three important scientific societies that endorse their training and experience in both specialties.
  • He has been referral Plastic Surgeon at Hospital Vithas Paque San Antonio (2013-2017).

Together: training, specialization, membership to societies and working in prestigious hospital centers is a guarantee always in benefit to patient safety. Avoid taking risks to save, in the long run it may be much more expensive to choose a doctor without sufficient qualification.

If you want to make an appointment with Doctor Martínez Gutiérrez, do not hesitate to call us at 638 602 462, we will be happy to evaluate your case.

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