The chin operation is a cosmetic surgery procedure whose purpose is to reduce or increase the chin. To achieve this, we use various techniques of filing, implant placement or osteotomies that achieve excellent results. Mentoplasty is much more common than is thought, in fact many famous faces have improved thanks to this solution.

In order to obtain the best result in a mentoplasty, this surgery must be performed after having completed an orthodontic treatment that solves your dental malocclusion problems. In addition, in some cases the plastic surgeon recommends rhinoplasty to achieve greater facial harmony.

Maybe he hadn’t thought about it, but if you look at his face profile the chin and nose are the points with greater projection. Therefore, if one of the two protrudes too much, if the nose is very drooping or the chin is very withdrawn, it will not have a harmonious profile.

Chin surgery, how do we get the best result?

If we divide the face into three parts, the upper third would correspond to the forehead. In the middle third we’d have eyes and nose. Finally, the lower third is where the chin is located. To make the correction in isolation would be a mistake, we must take into account the other two thirds of the face to achieve that facial harmony that we mentioned.

Patients with a prominent chin may have the bone filed or rectified by osteotomy. Those with chin retracted or backward can resort to implants or osteotomy to modify the position of the bone. We will always look for the best result, which is beautiful and natural but not notice that it is operated.

The plastic surgeon will carefully evaluate every detail of your face using photographs and measurements. It will then explain to you what defects are observed and how we can correct them. Do not hesitate to ask any question that comes to your mind, knowing the details of the intervention can help to dispel your fears.

If you would like to improve the appearance of your forehead and profile, make an appointment today. Dr. Juan Martinez Gutierrez can evaluate your case personally. It will then tell you the type of chin surgery you need and whether any additional touch-ups would be advisable. As we have commented, a rhinoplasty or maybe a chin liposuction can make a difference.


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