The facelift rejuvenates the appearance of the face and neck, two areas of the body very visible and easily reveal the age. This treatment through surgery achieves very long lasting and more complete results than aesthetic medicine treatments. If you wish, Doctor Juan Martínez can attend and advise you personally in one of the most prestigious cosmetic clinics in Marbella.

The non-surgical techniques that are usually used for a facelift are: botox injections, fillers with hyaluronic acid, tensioning threads, therapies to stimulate the formation of collagen, among others. With them you can improve the appearance of both the face and the neck. However its main disadvantage is that they lose effectiveness in a short time.

In the case of botox in a few months we need to repeat the treatment. The hyaluronic acid lasts a little longer, around 12 months it is possible that we need to repeat the treatment. In the case of the tensioning threads can last a little longer, maybe a year and a half. So if we want a lasting result, the most practical thing is to perform a facelift with surgery.

The Best Candidates for a Facial Lifting

People who lead a life with stress, those who spend many hours exposed to the sun, those who have bad habits that affect the health of the skin or who have simply inherited a poor quality of skin see how over the years the delicate skin on their face ages prematurely.

Facial lifting with surgery is usually performed on patients between the ages of 40 and 60 years. Even if the proper conditions are given, it is possible to operate patients with 70 or 80 years. As long as you have a good skin quality it is possible to achieve an excellent result and thus go back in time looking younger.

Through surgery we can correct all kinds of signs of aging. In addition, to achieve a more beautiful and natural overall result we resort to lipofilling. This technique seduces many patients because it involves moving the fat from where it is left to where it is most needed. In this case allows us to dissimulate wrinkles and recover the facial volume that we have lost. It also helps to improve the quality of the skin thanks to its high content in stem cells.

If you do not like to have wrinkles, deep grooves, bags on the eyelids or flaccid skin do not think it over. Now you can ask for a informational appointment so that we can personally advise you about the facelift. We can assist you in Marbella, as well as in Malaga capital or Granada.

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