These days held the 20th International course of plastic surgery and aesthetics in Barcelona. It is organized by the prestigious Planas Clinic together with the Jaime Planas Foundation and this year took place from June 7 to 9, 2017. This congress has long been consolidated as one of the most important plastic surgery events in Spain.

The techniques and technologies employed by plastic surgeons are subject to the constant evolution of medical science. This international course on Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, which is held periodically, is always useful for reviewing and updating the knowledge. In addition, experts from other countries come to share their knowledge and experience.

In this edition of 2017 the topics that have been addressed prominently have been on the latest advances in breast surgery, facial rejuvenation surgery and rhinoplasty. In liposculpture, the Nanofat technique has been treated to rejuvenate the skin and the safety standards of liposuction and lipoinjection treatment have been revised.

Breast surgery

In breast surgery has been debated on recurrent topics such as the type of implant (round or anatomical) or its texturization. Some experts such as doctors Giovanni Botti, Frank Lista and David Ross have debated their preference for breast augmentation (subglandular, subfascial or subpectoral) and how to resolve breast complications.

Doctor Juan Martínez in most cases advocates a dual plane approach, which combines subglandular and subpectoral. This technique was developed in the United States and allows to achieve excellent results. If you want to know more, in previous articles we explained the advantages of dual breast enlargement.

Facial rejuvenation surgery

To rejuvenate the face, there are various interventions. The best known are facelifts, but there are many other procedures that can achieve fantastic results. For example, periorbital rejuvenation surgery can improve or smooth the changes that occur over time in the area around the eyes.

There are patients who, because of their age or their aesthetic preferences, are looking for non-invasive treatments with fast results. To achieve the best result and to have a natural look it is essential to put yourself in the hands of a plastic surgeon. Doctor Juan Martínez is an expert in this area since he is a specialist in both ophthalmology and plastic surgery.

Nonfat technique for skin rejuvenation

The Nanofat technique is a stem cell treatment to rejuvenate the skin. The idea is to extract fat from our body through a small liposuction. Then it is processed to keep the stem cells that will be injected at strategic points. Although it seems, it is not a lipotransfer, but a regenerative or revitalizing treatment.

With the Nanofat technique you can rejuvenate for example the skin of the face. Fading dark circles and hiding fine wrinkles on the face or neck. Our knowledge of facial proportions allows us to restore their appearance and make a younger, more relaxed face look.

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