The chin surgery

The chin operation is a cosmetic surgery procedure whose purpose is to reduce or increase the chin. To achieve this, we use various techniques of filing, implant placement or osteotomies that achieve excellent results. Mentoplasty is much more common than is thought,...

Facial lifting in Marbella

The facelift rejuvenates the appearance of the face and neck, two areas of the body very visible and easily reveal the age. This treatment through surgery achieves very long lasting and more complete results than aesthetic medicine treatments. If you wish, Doctor Juan...
Facial rejuvenation in Marbella

Facial rejuvenation in Marbella

Facial rejuvenation through cosmetic surgery can achieve spectacular and long-lasting results. To achieve this, it is essential to be placed in the hands of a specialist in Plastic Surgery with experience in blepharoplasty as well as in facelift. The facelift or...
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