Abdominal diastasis is a problem experienced by both men and women. Many people are unaware that their “beer belly” or prominent belly after pregnancy is due to a muscle problem. Below we explain what the symptoms are and why abdominoplasty is the best solution.

What is abdominal diastasis?

Abdominal diastasis is the separation of the rectus abdominus muscles. When it separates, it is no longer a firm wall, the muscles become weak, the abdomen becomes bulging, and the spine becomes overloaded. When we look at the mirror in profile, it jumps into view, and to make matters worse, it contributes to permanent back pain. Many people turn to blogs and forums to find a solution, but which one is the best?

The first idea that comes to mind is to do sports to reduce the stomach and strengthen muscles. However, certain abdominal, pilates or yoga exercises can make the situation worse. On the Internet we can find physiotherapy courses to treat abdominal diastasis by means of a girdle and specific exercises. However, they require a lot of perseverance and their results are not always the desired ones, much less definitive.

No one likes to go through the operating room, but abdominoplasty is the best solution for abdominal diastasis. The plastic surgeon will reattach both muscles so they can regain their original strength and tension. If you follow our recommendations, after recovery you will be able to get back to any exercise and enjoy your favorite sports safely.

Symptoms of abdominal diastasis

Diastasis of the rectus abdominus muscles in men is usually due to overweight. In women, this problem often occurs after pregnancy, especially in multiple pregnancies. Before surgery, in both cases it is advisable for the patient to be close to his or her normal weight. This surgery can be part of a more complete treatment to recover the silhouette that many people know as mommy makeover.

However, if we leave this problem unresolved, the short and long term consequences can be quite bad. The first consequence of abdominal diastasis is a tummy lump. By weakening the abdominal wall we can have slow digestions and even leakage of urine. In a short time we will suffer back pain because the spine is forced to arch, which forces the joints and muscles constantly. Over the years it is likely to develop into other types of lesions such as vertebral osteoarthritis or disc herniations.

Therefore, it is not a mere aesthetic question, it is really worthwhile to solve this type of problem definitively. After abdominoplasty, the patient recovers his normal posture and back pain subsides. The aesthetic improvement and quality of life make the operated patients feel very satisfied with the results.

Postpartum abdominal diastasis

Pregnancy can be a very important episode in a woman’s life, but it also has its physical consequences. Some women proudly display sequels such as stretch marks, flaccid skin or bulging belly. However, many other women suffer from seeing themselves in the mirror because they do not like to have that prominent belly, the skin hanging down or wrinkled, and understandably they would like to have a flat belly again as before pregnancy.

Postpartum abdominal diastasis can be resolved by cosmetic surgery. Abdominoplasty is a very effective intervention to correct musculature, aspirate excess fat, repair hernias and tighten the skin. Often when removing excess skin from the lower abdomen, we also remove many stretch marks and the cesarean section scar, achieving excellent results.

If you want to know if you have abdominal diastasis, now you can make an appointment with Dr. Juan Martinez Gutierrez. In the first appointment we will evaluate your case and if necessary explain to you how we can solve this problem by abdominoplasty. It is a complex surgery, but very safe in the hands of a specialist in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.


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