Breast prostheses size is measured in cubic centimeters, so the larger the implant size, the larger the cubic centimeters. Because the size of the implants does not match the size of the bra sizes, there are women who feel confused about the size they should choose for their breast augmentation.

Deciding the size of the prostheses is one of the most important decisions to be made by the patient and the plastic surgeon. To assist in the decision making, the doctor can employ in the practice bras that emulate the final size or sophisticated computer software that gives you a virtual approach in 3D.

There are women who, after talking to their friends, their partner or consulting the cosmetic surgery forums, decide the size of the prostheses they wish to have implanted. However, in his interview with Dr. Martínez Gutiérrez, he will verify that additional aspects such as anatomy or tissue quality should be evaluated.

Plastic Surgeon’s Advice

Consensuing the size of the prostheses with the Plastic Surgeon is the most appropriate. Because we want to avoid that the patient suffers in a future back pain, falling chest, stretch marks, loss of sensibility, as well as the disappointment of seeing breasts that do not match with their body or that are little or nothing aesthetic.

We recommend that you let the Plastic Surgeon advise you. After all he is the one who accumulates the most experience in this type of surgery and who is better prepared to evaluate the prostheses sizes that best fit your body and your desired expectations.

Be wary of doctors who don’t stick to prosthesis size and accept disproportionate measures for your body. They are doctors who do not watch over the patient’s health or who may not be specialists in Plastic Surgery. This bad combination usually leads to mediocre and unattractive results.

Finally, it should be noted that the profile of the breast prosthesis is as important for the result as size. Maybe you didn’t know it, but in addition to size and shape, breast implants are available in different profiles. To learn more about this feature, we recommend that you read the article about round and anatomical prostheses.

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