Some men, due to genetic problems or excess weight develop breasts that can be quite complex. Nowadays this type of aesthetic problem can be easily solved. Dr. Juan Martínez Gutiérrez can perform a gynecomastia operation in Granada.

What is gynecomastia?

The ideal of beauty in men is usually a flat, firm breast. However, some men experience an abnormal growth of their mammary gland or perhaps tend to accumulate fat more easily in the chest, resulting in what we call gynecomastia.

These men when it comes to wearing bathing suits or having intimate relationships may feel a certain complex because they don’t feel comfortable with their bodies. Physical exercise and a proper diet can help remove much of the fat that is left over. Then cosmetic surgery can make it perfect.

Gynecomastia operation

If you have a gynecomastia problem and live in Granada, you can now make an appointment with us to evaluate your case personally. In the consultation we explain step by step the intervention and the results we can obtain. As we have already mentioned, this surgery aims to reduce the size of the breast and flatten it to achieve a more masculine breast contour.

We can even solve severe cases of gynecomastia, those where the excess weight of the tissues causes a drooping breast and a stretched areola. As with a female reduction mammoplasty, we can improve the size and position of the areola, as well as remove excess skin.

As well as the asymmetries and mammary hypertrophy of girls, in boys the gynecomastia operation can also be performed in minors. This type of intervention has been regulated in Andalusia for several years. In addition to the medical evaluation, the parents must obtain a psychological report to evaluate the degree of maturity of the child and the psychological involvement of this problem.

If you want to get the best possible results, it is essential to choose a good plastic surgeon. Dr. Juan Martinez Gutierrez is a member of the Spanish Society of Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Repair (SECPRE) and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the most prestigious worldwide.

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