Breast Reduction

Some women develop breasts that are too large in proportion to the rest of their body. This mammary hypertrophy can cause a number of physical problems that should be avoided. In Granada we can perform cosmetic surgery for breast reduction to solve the problem.

Large, heavy breasts can cause back, shoulder, and neck pain. They are undoubtedly a problem because they force us to adopt bad postures and stop us from practicing many sports. This can contribute to developing overweight and preventing us from wearing the clothes we would like to wear. They can also affect our rest and we can suffer from skin problems such as dermatitis or intertrigo.

Some women cope with the problem with drugs, massages, and physical therapies. Slimming is not a definitive solution, as it does not improve the appearance or size of the breasts. In addition, with time we all tend to get fat and the breasts to sag, so another solution is needed.

The most effective solution for breast reduction

Currently the only effective solution for gigantomastia is cosmetic surgery. Perhaps you didn’t know it, but this intervention is among the 10 most requested cosmetic surgeries in Spain. This operation is more frequent than face lifts and almost as frequent as rhinoplasty.

Breast reduction surgery is a resource that improves the aesthetics of the breasts so that they are in harmony with our body. It also allows us to leave behind all the symptoms that deteriorate our health and well-being. Many women who have been mothers also use this surgery after pregnancy and breastfeeding.

When breast hypertrophy is mild, few symptoms may occur and it is more of a complex that affects self-esteem. In other cases, the symptoms and anguish are such that scarring or post-operative issues are secondary. Her main desire is to be able to enjoy smaller breasts, more in tune with her body, which allow her to lead a normal life.

adelgazar y hacer deporte

Breast reduction is one of those surgeries that produce great patient satisfaction. We literally take a load off and at the same time we get a more beautiful silhouette. Your breasts will be the right size so that your back and spine will not suffer. As all the discomfort and pain goes away, the quality of life increases. You get better rest and many are encouraged to play sports that used to be challenging.

Breast Reduction Surgery in Granada

Dr. Juan Martínez Gutiérrez performs breast reduction surgery in Granada at the HLA Inmaculada Hospital. It is a modern centre, with excellent facilities and equipped with the most advanced technology. It is an ideal medical center for all types of cosmetic surgery interventions.

This intervention is complex and takes several hours. The first thing we do is to remove the excess fat and part of the mammary gland. Then it is time to reconstruct the breast for a beautiful and natural look. This may require lifting with relocation of the areola and nipple. After the operation, the recovery process lasts several weeks.

If you are interested in breast reduction, it is best to make an appointment with the Plastic Surgeon for a personal assessment. In our Granada office we will study your case and resolve any doubts you may have so that you only have to decide if you want to have surgery. If you prefer, it is possible to finance the cost of the intervention in convenient instalments for you.

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