Sagging breast solution

The solution to sagging breasts is not in miracle remedies or exercises to tone the pectoral muscles. Nor will we get a massage or a cream to reaffirm. The only truly effective and long-lasting option is Cosmetic Surgery that allows you to lift your breasts and recover volume.

Thanks to advances in medicine, today we can offer very safe treatments so that any woman can recover the appearance of her breasts, and even if she wishes or if it were advisable, we can use her own fat or silicone implants to gain volume.

Many women after going through various stages of life or at a certain age observe with concern that their breasts are sagging, remembering with some nostalgia the look they used to have years ago. The inexorable passage of time, genetic inheritance and moments that involve major physical changes in a woman’s life such as pregnancy and breastfeeding are the main causes.

Exercises are not a solution for sagging breasts

Just as when we have a few extra pounds we resort to the trendy diet without much long-term success, when we already have sagging breasts we resort to creams and physical exercise that does not help. The reality is that only Cosmetic Surgery can restore your breast to its original appearance in an effective and lasting way.

Sagging breast solutionWe do not want to discourage anyone, on the contrary, it is important that every woman knows that the natural support of the breast internally are ligaments that link the skin to the mammary gland. Therefore having a stronger pectoral muscle will not make the breast rise, it will make our chest flatter.

In fact, the result may be worse or different from the desired result, since when doing intense exercise we eliminate fat, so we lose volume to the detriment of the reinforced muscle, which gains volume but in a different way, making our chest more masculine.

Maintaining a stable weight, eating a healthy diet and wearing a bra largely prevents the tissues that support the breast from suffering over time. In any case, if you have saggy and soft breasts, the best solution is a Cosmetic Surgery intervention.

Sagging breast operation

The operation for sagging breasts is mastopexy. Its main objective is to remodel the breasts to recover the shape and volume they had before. This will require raising the breast to its original position. Then, depending on the case, it may be necessary to reposition the nipple, remove excess skin and recover volume.

Breast Surgery

To achieve harmony between shape and volume, the Plastic Surgeon can reshape the mammary gland if it has the right volume. If it is insufficient, we can fill it with fat that we extract from another part of your body, or we can simply use a silicone prosthesis.

We cannot give a single solution beforehand, as each case has its own peculiarities and we must study such personal aspects as the retraction capacity of your tissues or the quality of your skin. If you would like more information or a pre-operative consultation, you can now call 638 602 462 to make an appointment with Dr. Juan Martinez Gutierrez in Malaga or Granada.

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