Sagging Beasts After PregnancyThe issue of sagging breasts after pregnancy is one of many concerns that go through a woman’s mind during pregnancy and after giving birth. It is true that the breast may lose volume and fall out after breastfeeding, but there is a solution.

Perhaps you didn’t know it, but monocygotic twins, that is, women whose twin sister is practically a clone because they come from the same zygote, allow researchers to compare and check how far certain stages or factors in a woman’s life can affect her development.

Studies on sagging breasts after pregnancy

In recent times, several studies have been published on how the breasts of twins evolve over the years and the factors that determine whether one of them has sagging breasts to a greater or lesser extent.

Among the results of the study was that women who hydrated the skin of their breasts on a daily basis had fewer wrinkles and stretch marks. In addition, those who received hormone replacement therapy after menopause had more attractive, larger and more prominent breasts.

In contrast, those who had gained more weight, had larger cups, or had had more pregnancies had less attractive breasts. Overweight and gravity are unforgiving. The same was true for those whose lifestyles included smoking and alcohol consumption.

Interestingly, when it came to breastfeeding, the breastfed twins had a less attractive areola shape and size, but a higher quality skin.

The conclusion we can draw from all this is that it is indeed good to apply moisturizing or firming creams daily to have quality skin on your breasts. It is also advisable to take care of your diet and exercise to maintain muscle tone and avoid overweight.

As for pregnancy and breastfeeding, it seems clear that changes are inevitable. Therefore, all the more reason to apply the above-mentioned preventive measures. If you still lose volume or have sagging breasts after pregnancy, do not hesitate to consult a Plastic Surgeon such as Dr. Juan Martinez Gutierrez about breast lift.

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