When we are going to undergo a breast augmentation operation, we must choose between round or anatomical prostheses. The name already says it all, but today we are going to approach the subject to learn more in detail the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

As we see in the image, to understand which prosthesis is best suited to our case or which can best achieve the result we want we must divide the chest in two by an imaginary line, in this case fuchsia color, which creates us an upper pole and a lower pole..

  • Round prostheses are the implants that best fill the upper part of the breast. I. e., get a greater volume in the upper pole of the breast that is where it tends to flatten and therefore in Aesthetic Surgery are the most requested..
  • Anatomical prostheses, whose drop shape is more similar to the idea of a natural breast. It is an option that is used in both Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, especially in those women who have greater projection in the upper pole.

Projection of breast prosthesis

The profile or projection of the breast prosthesis can be of different levels depending on the manufacturer. It refers to the distance the implant will project from your body after the operation. With a high profile prosthesis we achieve a more prominent or protruding shape of the chest.

For this reason we can have a 250 cc prosthesis but if it is low profile it will not stand out as much as a high profile, even if it is the same amount of filling.

Advantages of anatomical implants

Nowadays, the extensive range of anatomical implants allows us to achieve a much more natural look. That is why in Reconstructive Surgery is the usual option, since its main advantage is to be able to achieve a result very similar to the healthy breast that has not been mastectomized.

Likewise, since there is a wide range of possibilities, it is a good option for the cases of Aesthetic Surgery where we want a natural breast augmentation. So that it does not have a ball effect or with excessive projection that makes mammoplasty evident.

Aesthetic surgery forums usually address this issue and naturally there are opinions for all tastes. We recommend that you be advised by a plastic surgery specialist, who will be able to see you in person and evaluate your case carefully, taking into account both your preferences and the characteristics of your body.

If you wish, you can read more about the types of breast prostheses. If you prefer to meet with Dr. Martinez Gutierrez now you can make an appointment without obligation by calling 638 602 462.

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