When a woman raises the idea of breast augmentation or is going to need breast prostheses after a mastectomy she suddenly finds herself with the doubt of the types of breast prostheses, that is, there are different options in terms of shape, texture and filling.

In fact, this decision will be made in conjunction with the plastic surgeon, who will be the one who can best advise you after evaluating your case and attending to your preferences. That said, if we can do a quick review of the breast prostheses that are being used today, depending on the type of filling :

  • Silicone breast prostheses: implants whose elasticity resembles that of natural breast tissue. Offer a high level of reliability and security.
  • Saline breast prostheses: are implants filled with a salt-water solution very similar to the liquid that makes up most of the human body. Physiological serum implants are inserted into the body without fluid and then filled during surgery through a filling tube. When the filling tube is removed, the implant seals itself..

Both types of breast prostheses are reliable, but the rate of rupture and leakage is higher in saline implants, and they are less “natural” to the touch than silicone implants.

Breast prosthesis texture

In terms of texture, breast prostheses can be smooth or textured (rough). The most modern ones have a textured surface and are filled with highly cohesive gel which, in case of breakage of the prosthesis, does not spread through the adjacent tissues.

The fact that a prosthesis has texture is not a capricious issue, in fact manufacturers have chosen to develop these designs to reduce the risks of encapsulation and to prevent anatomical implants from moving out of place. Depending on how the implant is placed, it is best to use one or the other texture, Dr. Martinez Gutierrez will advise you which one suits you best..

The best breast prostheses

When you meet with Dr. Martínez Gutiérrez, you will see that there is a good variety of breast prosthesis models. Nowadays, specialists agree that the best breast prostheses are silicone gel with a very low risk of rupture or leakage and offering a very natural aesthetic result after the operation.

The advantage of the cohesive silicone gel is that even if the prosthesis were to break, the filling would remain cohesive. That is, united instead of dispersed by the surrounding tissues. This makes it much easier and safer to fix these problems.

Saline filled prostheses are reserved for specific cases, for example in breast reconstruction. It is a filling that offers a greater hardness and usually the woman who wants a breast augmentation looks for more volume but also naturalness.

After this review to the filling and texture, in future articles we will address the subject of the shape of breast prostheses.

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