Rhinoplasty operation allows to improve both aesthetics and the functioning of the nose. In this article we are going to resolve some doubts related to allergies posed to us by patients. As for example, when we should have surgery or if nose surgery solves allergy problems.

Rhinoplasty operation

Problems such as allergic rhinitis, which affect mainly the eyes and nose, are not solved by  Rhinoplasty. Possibly the surgeon can reduce the problem by some surgical techniques that improve the breathing. It is the case of the Rhinoplasty to correct the nasal septum, turbinate reduction or turbines in case of hypertrophy or removal of polyps of the inside of the nose.

Why allergies occur

Must be clear that allergies are not caused by a structural problem of the nose. They are actually caused by an inappropriate immune response. Instead of ignoring certain harmless particles, our system attacks them with antibodies resulting in irritation, mucus, tearing, etc. Therefore, after a few months we can return to suffer symptoms, perhaps of milder form.

If we do not know the cause of our allergy, the first thing to do is to go to the allergist. Many people are allergic to pollen and have a really bad time during the spring months. If it is not pollen, it could be dust, mites, animal hairs, fungal spores or any other environmental agent.

Pollen allergy is very common and not just in the spring, as all kinds of plants and trees bloom throughout the year. For example, if we live near junipers or cypresses the winter months will be torture. At this time, these trees release large amounts of pollen that will be carried by the wind. During the spring it is best to avoid the olive grove, the cherry tree and the grasses.

Once controlled the problem of allergy, you can go to the plastic surgeon. In the first consultation is used to resolve all doubts and perform a physical evaluation. After determining the characteristics and asymmetries of the nose, the most appropriate surgical technique is recommended to achieve the desired result.

I have allergy, when can I operate my nose?

It is understandable that people who suffer allergy for most of the year and need to blow their noses frequently, or those who sneeze with a simple temperature change, are afraid to spoil the results of their rhinoplasty

After a nose operation you will have a feeling of nasal congestion. If an allergic reaction is added the recovery could be more uncomfortable as we can not blow our noses. As for sneezing, some patients resort to various tricks, such as deep breathing or simply sneezing through the mouth.

You should keep in mind that there are medications that should be avoided several weeks before the procedure. In addition if you suffer an allergy attack after the operation, before taking anything you should consult with the plastic surgeon to avoid interference with healing. Therefore the choice of the right moment is important for this type of patients.

The most opportune time to operate the nose will depend on your type of allergy. If it is stationary you should schedule the surgery in times where you do not suffer the allergy. If you suffer it throughout the year then there is no ideal time, your only option will be to avoid exposure to the substance that causes the symptoms..

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