Mammoplasty for breast reduction is an intervention that greatly improves the patient’s quality of life. We can operate both men who want a more masculine breast, and women who prefer a chest more in line with their body. Doctor Juan Martínez Gutiérrez performs this type of cosmetic surgery at a prestigious private clinic in Marbella.

Both men and women try to reduce breast without surgery, especially by physical exercise. Naturally, when you burn fat you lose some volume, but in these cases the problem is not solved. It is necessary to aspirate all the excess fat and even remove tissue, so the only effective solution is surgery.

Men with gynecomastia resort to this intervention primarily for aesthetic reasons. Having a breast can make any man complex, so they resort to surgery to have a flat and firm chest. On the other hand, for women, the most important thing is to alleviate physical problems. In them, large breasts can cause serious discomfort and interfere with many activities.

Do large breasts cause you pain?

Women with breast hypertrophy or gynaatomastia often suffer physical problems. The usual pains are in the neck, shoulders and back. Not just because of excess weight, it is also because of poor posture or sleeping problems. Depending on the case, they may also feel tingling in the hands, have stretch marks, as well as suffer skin irritations or infections below the breast.

If you feel reflected in these symptoms, you should consider a breasts reduction surgery. In Marbella we carry out this surgical intervention in modern facilities and with an excellent team of professionals. If you are worried about the price, you must know that you can finance the cost of the operation in comfortable terms.

Do large breasts limit your activity?

Large breasts can limit certain day-to-day activities. They can condition the way we dress and the sports we can perform. The bras can become uncomfortable and the suspenders cause pain or scrapes on the shoulders due to the weight of the breasts.

Practicing certain sports when you have large breasts can be a problem. As a direct consequence, a more sedentary lifestyle is adopted, and one easily suffers from being overweight and even obese. A reduction mammoplasty can change your lifestyle radically. Many patients after this intervention decide to get in shape and in general experience a huge improvement in self-esteem.

Results of a breast reduction

Breast reduction surgery is a fairly frequent operation in Marbella for both young and old. If there is a breast asymmetry, ie the breasts are different in shape or size, if the areola is very large or if one breast is more fallen than the other, it can also be corrected so that they are the same after the operation.

Reduction mammoplasty provides the man with a firmer, more masculine breast. A woman’s breast is smaller and proportional to the rest of her body. In both cases the results of a breast reduction are immediate and in a few days can become normal life. Thanks to the technique of reduction mammoplasty we fulfill the dreams of many patients.

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