Breast reduction is a plastic surgery procedure that we perform in Malaga. We always operate in the most advanced medical centers in cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery on the Costa del Sol.

While many women dream of increasing their breasts, there are those that have been well endowed by nature, but so much that they end up taking their toll. Breast reduction or reduction mammoplasty is usually performed for patients who wish to reduce the volume of their breasts for health and aesthetic reasons.

Large, bulky breasts carry extra weight. When this is not proportional to the woman’s body, various problems arise. For example: back pain, neck pain and bad postures due to overload of the vertebrae, stretch marks on the breasts, skin irritations under the breasts, breathing problems during the day and at bedtime.

There are women with large breasts who suffer the prying eyes of both men and women. They feel uncomfortable when other people look at their breasts, either because they like it, because it surprises them or because they try to evaluate whether they are operated on breasts.

As if all this were not enough, we must add the difficulty to practice a good number of sports. Especially those that require jogging, jumps, sudden movements, etc. that end up increasing the tension of the back tissues and muscles.

Breast Reduction Surgery

By means of a breast reduction, the Plastic Surgeon can achieve that the woman has a beautiful, firmer and lighter breast, with which she feels comfortable and attractive. Her breasts allow her to wear all those dresses and bikinis that she has always wanted but that her circumstances have prevented her.

Today, there are many women who go through surgery every year to reduce the size of their breasts through reduction mammoplasty. Thanks to this, they improve their quality of life, leaving behind discomfort and pain..

On the Internet, many patients contact us to raise various questions, such as in forums and social networks. However, in a breast reduction each case is different, so it is important to meet personally with the Plastic Surgeon to resolve all kinds of questions and propose a personalized treatment..

You can now call 638 602 462 to make an appointment with Dr. Martinez Gutierrez. He is a specialist in cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery with extensive experience in breast surgery..

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