In this article we will review some important aspects before and after a breast augmentation. This intervention is usually motivated by some developmental problem during adolescence, due to changes caused by pregnancy, illness or aging, or simply because one wants to have larger breasts.

Whatever your reasons for breast augmentation, there are a number of things you should know about before and after breast augmentation.

Before a breast augmentation

Before you call for an appointment, I’m sure you’ve got an idea of what you want. He’s probably been browsing the Internet for before and after photos. Both ordinary and famous women who have had breast augmentation. You may have discussed it with your partner, with friends or neighbors who may have had their own experiences.

You may have been recommended by a specialist or you may have followed the steps to choose a good plastic surgeon. Do not hesitate to interview several before choosing the final one. Find a professional with whom you feel comfortable, who understands your wishes, needs and knows how to advise you. It is an intimate and important surgery that is usually related to self-esteem, so do not be in a hurry.

Of course you should check his academic background and experience. A plastic surgeon is not only a medical graduate, he or she must have completed a residency as a Plastic Surgeon. In Spain, this experience includes theoretical and practical training for a minimum of 5 additional years. The result is a professional who will take care of your health and after evaluating your case will be able to advise you better than anyone else on the size and shape of breast prostheses to achieve the best result.

If you wish, at Dr. Juan Martínez Gutiérrez’s consultation we can show you photos of patients before and after the operation. We can also simulate the result with a special bra. You should take advantage of this opportunity to ask any questions you may have about implants, surgery or post-operative care.

After breast augmentation

After a breast augmentation, the most important thing is to rest and recover following the surgeon’s recommendations:

  1. You should be prepared to take a rest period of at least one week. Ideally, you should have someone at home during those first few days to support you and help you with the most essential activities.
  2. Medicines are prescribed to prevent infections, help you rest and relieve any discomfort after the operation.
  3. When you can resume your activities, it is advisable not to lift heavy things. An intense effort with the arms can cause problems.
  4. For the first few weeks, you should wear specific bras that support and shape your new breasts.
  5. You’ll need to go for checkups to make sure everything goes as we’ve been waiting for you to have nice breasts. However, you always have the possibility of contacting us by phone or email.
  6. Although the stitches are removed after two weeks, you should avoid strenuous exercise for a month or two.

These and other issues are explained in more detail in the consultation, but it is good to keep them in mind. For any questions or requests for an appointment, you can contact us by calling 638 602 462.

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