Bags and dark circles are two of the first signs of facial aging. Fortunately today there are available treatments for bags and dark circles that manages to rejuvenate our gaze. Below we explain what are the most popular and the results that we expect.

Dark circles and bags

To begin with, we must not confuse bags and dark circles. Pouches that form in the eyelids is by accumulation of fat and excess skin. On the other hand the dark circles are dark marks that appear in the lower eyelid and extend to the cheek, may be due to the lack of rest, the accumulation of liquids or the increase of melanin in the skin of the eyelid. We can operate the bags with plastic surgery, but dark circles require other treatments:

  • Treatments to improve or conceal dark circles under the eyes can be performed with eye contour creams. The best ones tend to have a high price, but they can be quite effective in lightening and reducing dark circles under the eyes. Aesthetic medicine also offers mesotherapy treatments with microinjections, peels or laser to depigment, oxygenation through carboxitherapy and facial fillers. Cosmetic Surgery can treat dark circles in an effective and definitive way with the Nanofat technique (stem cell grafts).
  • The treatment to remove the bags in the eyelids is called blepharoplasty. This cosmetic surgery is effective and provide long-lasting results. The main objective is to remove excess skin, fat and, in some cases, muscle of the eyelids, both upper and lower.

Bags and dark circles can give an appearance of tiredness, even disease. If you want to make your eyes look less tired and more rejuvenated now you can ask an informative appointment by calling the 638602462. Dr. Juan Martínez Gutiérrez team can assist you in Malaga, Marbella and Granada.

Blepharoplasty, treatment to eliminate bags on your eyelids

Home remedies, creams or cosmetic medicine can correct this problem. Only the blepharoplasty corrects in an operation the fall of upper eyelid skin and bags of the upper and lower. Let’s look at why it happens:

  • The skin that surrounds our eyes is the most thin and sensitive of the face. Up to five times more fine and with fewer collagen by what is distended with ease. In addition the genetic inheritance of some people, their faces, their habits or lifestyle may contribute to premature aging.
  • We must add to this skin problem that orbital fat (which surrounds our eyeball) can move forward with the passage of time. To protrude from their normal limits form a pouch in the upper or lower eyelid.

Before performing a blepharoplasty, plastic surgeon will make an assessment of your state of general health and your eyes in particular. It is essential to rule out such problems of high blood pressure, dry eye, glaucoma or thyroid that contraindicate surgery. The intervention is usually done under local anesthesia and sedation so the patient stays awake and relaxed. When your problem is only an excess of fat, we can perform a transconjunctival blepharoplasty to not leave a visible scar. In the rest of the cases the incisions are usually in the natural lines just below the eyelashes on the lower and upper eyelids.

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