The revision of silicone implants is a topic that many patients often ask about. In the past, breast prostheses were limited in duration and had to be replaced every ten years. Fortunately, the materials have evolved and now the prostheses we use are guaranteed for life.

This virtue of the new cohesive gel silicone implants should not be an excuse to neglect the revision of silicone implants or forget medical check-ups and imaging tests (mammography and/or ultrasound) depending on the patient’s age in order to detect any suspicious lumps early.

Breast self-exploration with implants

Performing a breast self-examination with implants is not complicated if we know how to do it. Ideally, our own plastic surgeon should give us the necessary instructions to know how to distinguish between implant and natural breast tissue.

All women are encouraged to perform a breast self-examination every month, whether or not they have breast implants. Breast self-examination is vitally important because cysts, tumors or breast cancer can develop at any age and early detection is key to overcoming the disease.

Studies have shown that having breast implants does not increase your risk of breast cancer, so it is not something you should worry about.

Why perform a silicone implant review

Review of silicone implantsYou should be aware that reviewing silicone implants with your plastic surgeon is helpful in detecting any unwanted changes. Breast augmentation is not only about placing silicone implants in the breast, we also take into account aspects such as skin firmness, the thickness of glandular tissue and fat, the position of the areola and nipple, and the natural projection of the breast.

Even if we have made careful planning, unwanted changes sometimes occur over time. Mainly due to the effects of aging, and especially if we go through stages such as pregnancy or weight fluctuations.

If before surgery we detect a lack of firmness in your skin or you have a certain genetic predisposition to tissue laxity, you will be at greater risk of developing a drooping chest. If this is your case, after an evaluation by Dr. Martinez Gutierrez we can offer you effective solutions. Since each case is different, it is advisable to visit the plastic surgeon for a personalized study..

Apart from these changes in the body, the patient should know that a natural capsule of fibrous tissue is always formed around the implant. If the prosthesis is contracted and squeezed due to some circumstance, this will result in capsular contracture. What happens is that the capsule becomes hard and painful.

In short, as we see there are varied and very good reasons to perform a review of silicone implants. It is advisable to visit regularly, and if possible annually. If you live in Malaga, Marbella or Granada you can now call 638602462 to make an appointment with Dr. Martinez Gutierrez.

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