Cosmetic Surgery includes various treatments aimed at improving the aesthetics of the patient. It is a science that reshapes using advanced surgical techniques. A science that obtains satisfactory results in the majority of cases when performed by a qualified plastic surgeon.

Of all Cosmetic Surgery treatments that currently exist, the most popular by far are breast augmentation and liposuction or liposculpture. These two surgical procedures can improve the self-esteem of the patient to reshape the silhouette visibly.

In terms of age of the patients actually breast augmentation is more typical of young women, while those who are already mothers or pass the age of forty are usually more interested in breast reduction. Instead, liposuction is a treatment that interests to women of all ages, and more and more men.

Traditionally we associate these beauty treatments to women, though men more and more think of taking care of their appearance, whether out of vanity or professional interests. Besides liposuction, males usually show more interested in the operations of eyelids (blepharoplasty) and nose (rhinoplasty).

Other aesthetic treatments quite demanded are the nose and ear operations, especially for children and teenagers who want to change their appearance to avoid social rejection, or to correct congenital deformities or occurring after an accident.

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