The mini tummy tuck can solve problems of fat accumulation or excess skin in the lower abdomen. It is very normal for both men and women to accumulate fat and suffer sagging in the lower abdominal cavity. This intervention is ideal for people who do not achieve the desired results despite exercising and following a healthy diet.

Some people suffer from flaccidity after considerable loss of volume, others simply accumulate fat. As a result, the lower part of the abdomen is not firm or protruding, disfiguring the silhouette. A healthy diet combined with physical exercise can improve the appearance. However, certain deposits of fat and especially the excess skin will be difficult to eliminate.

In some cases the only effective solution is a tummy tuck that tightens the entire abdomen. For others it is enough a mini-tummy tuck, where we treat only the bottom, below the navel. Both operations are usually combined with liposuction to aspirate the fat deposits and get a better result.

What is the Mini Abdominoplasty

The mini abdominoplasty, as we discussed at the beginning, focuses on the lower abdomen or infraumbical portion. It is therefore a simpler procedure than the abdominoplasty: the incision is smaller, the procedure is shorter, and the recovery is in less time. The area where we are going to undergo surgery is below the navel to remove excess fat and skin.

With a mini tummy tuck we can also remove a cesarean scar. Unfortunately not all women can count on a plastic surgeon to assist their gynecologist in the caesarean section. As a result the lack of expertise of the gynecologist when suturing can leave a scar attached and sunken.

A plastic surgeon knows how to close this incision while respecting the planes, so that it does not retract. It joins the muscle, then the fat, the dermis and finally the skin is closed with intradermic suture. The resulting scar will not have relief and will be below the bikini line. If we follow the surgeon’s recommendations for care, after a few months the scar will hardly be visible.

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