Dual-plane breast augmentation is a technique developed in the United States that achieves excellent results. Dr. Juan Martinez Gutierrez, a member of SECPRE and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, performs the vast majority of breast augmentation using this method.

When performing a breast augmentation, the implant can be placed at different depths. The most superficial is the skin, and as we go deeper we first find fat and breast tissue, then the mammary gland, the fascia of the pectoral muscle (a thin layer that covers the muscle), the pectoralis major muscle and finally the thoracic wall.

Instead of depth, plastic surgeons talk about ” planes”, and there are several possibilities:

  • Subglandular plane: The breast prosthesis is placed under the mammary gland and above the muscle.
  • Subfascial plane: The breast prosthesis is placed under the fascia.
  • Submuscular plane: The breast prosthesis is placed under the pectoralis major muscle.
  • Dual plane: Basically combines the submuscular and subglandular plane for a better result.

Where the breast prosthesis is placed is a very important aspect in all cases. Among several reasons, mainly because it contributes to the final appearance and because it can reduce the risk of complications. For example, by placing the prosthesis under the muscle it is better held, the risk of contractures is reduced and the results are longer lasting.

Currently the subglandular plane is only used in specific cases where the chest is slightly sagging. The subfascial plane at the end gets similar results to the subglandular method. Therefore, the vast majority of breast augmentations in Spain are resolved by placing the prosthesis under the muscle in a submuscular or dual plane.

Advantages of dual-plane breast augmentation

Dual-plane breast augmentation has numerous advantages, making it the first choice for many plastic surgeons. The most important thing is that it allows us to personalize the treatment, adapting to the characteristics of the patient’s breast, achieving excellent results and a very natural look.

Dual-plane breast augmentation

Technically in a dual plane breast augmentation what we do is create a pocket under the pectoral muscle where we lodge the upper part of the prosthesis. For the lower part we release the pectoral muscle to a greater or lesser extent to adapt to the mammary gland. As we see in the picture, if we compare it with the submuscular plane, it turns out that the breast is more beautiful because when the prosthesis is seated it pushes the gland and raises the nipple.

The dual-plane breast augmentation allows us to better adapt the breast to your new situation. It allows us to use anatomical and round prostheses. It is also a valid method for treating capsular contracture, correcting mild breast ptosis and tuberous breasts.

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