Every year the number of women who request their first breast augmentation consultation in Madrid increases. In fact, it has become the most requested intervention in plastic surgery. But there are always fears and doubts when making the final decision to increase or lift the breasts. In this post we will deal with everything related to this specific intervention.

Breast Augmentation or lift.  What’s the difference?

As a general rule, breast augmentation is normally related to lifting the breasts. However, we explain to our patients that actually they are two different interventions.

Breast augmentation surgery aims to improve the size of the breasts. Many patients resort to this intervention to achieve the breasts they always wanted, but this operation by its own does not sustain or lift the breast.

For those patients in Madrid who need a breast lift, it is necessary to perform a Mastopexy, indicated for women who have very sagging breasts.

However, although mastopexy and breast augmentation surgery have different purposes, they can be performed in the same intervention.

Breast Lift, what does it consist of?

The intervention to lift the breasts consists of remodeling the anatomy of the breast to eliminate the fall or flaccidity of tissues, removing skin and, sometimes, the mammary gland. The complexity of this operation is a little greater than that of the breast augmentation, although the post-operative stage is very similar and requires the same routines and care: use of surgical bra, avoid sleeping on the stomach and practicing high energy sports, etc. The duration of the procedure is usually around two hours.

Breast augmentation in Madrid. What is the procedure like?

Breast augmentation involves the introduction of silicone breast prostheses to achieve the desired shape and size. The size and morphology of the breasts is agreed by the patient and the surgeon depending on the characteristics of the breast, its shape, measurements and tissue resistance.

Dr. Martínez Gutiérrez´s breast augmentation surgery in Madrid does not present any complexities, since it is done by small incisions in the edge of the areola or in the breast groove, to avoid any noticeable scars. There are other techniques by which the prostheses are introduced via other cavities, however this is determined by the surgeon, with prior consent and agreement of the patient.

The prosthesis is usually placed under the muscle, in what is known as the dual plane. The operation usually does not last more than 1 hour and general anesthesia is used.

If you need information about the surgical procedures of breast augmentation or lift in Madrid, you can contact us by phone or WhatsApp 638 602 462.

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