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Eyelid malposition surgery

Eyelid malposition surgery aims to surgically correct the anomalous position taken by the eyelid, which can happen for various reasons and can not be prevented, but occurs with some frequency.

The eyelid malposition can lead, if not addressed in time, serious consequences in the eyeball as dry eyes, corneal ulcers, conjunctivitis, etc..
Dr. Martínez Gutiérrez will evaluate your eyelids with the vision of a plastic surgeon and also a complete eye examination, and then be able to select the most appropriate technique to obtain the best result in each case.

The main cause of eyelid malposition is aging, but can also be caused by a facial nerve paralysis, trauma, scarring or other surgeries. Eyelid malposition If untreated, the patient may become not only look unsightly, but also it can cause eye and vision problems that could become serious.

What is the procedure?

The eyelid malposition surgery is performed in an operating room, either in a clinic or hospital. This type of operation is usually performed under local anesthesia with sedation, so the patient remains awake but relaxed.

The goal of intervention is to reposition or rebuild anatomically and functionally the eyelid. In most cases, the different existing surgical techniques offer an immediate solution to the eyelid malposition and associated problems.

You should be aware that there are various malpositions, the most common are:

– Eyelid retraction: when the upper lid is placed too high or too low the lower lid.

Its correction consists in reinsert, shortening or repair eyelid levator damage.

– Entropion: when the lid is rotated inward, causing the eyelashes and skin rub against the cornea. This can affect the eyeball and cause damage to the surface, so it must be addressed urgently.

– Ectropion: when the eyelid turns out. This, besides being unsightly, can cause dry eyes and ulcers in the medium to long term.

Each of these eyelid malpositions can occur for many reasons, and depending on the cause, the doctor will choose the most appropriate treatment for the best result in your particular case.

In any case, you should know that the incisions in such interventions are performed so that the scars are hidden or less obvious, using minimally invasive techniques and making incisions in strategic locations which are then naturally camouflaged.



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    Eyelid Tumors

    This pathology is quite frequent and there are several types. If you notice the presence of a nodule, wart or lesion on the eyelid that grows, bleeds or ulcer should be examined by a specialist, who will perform a complete examination and even a biopsy if necessary.
    The skin of the eyelids is the finest and most sensitive in our body, for this reason, it is usually the first area of ​​our face that suffers from the passage of time and sun exposure. Unfortunately, both the sun and the toxins in the environment can age and seriously damage the skin.

    What does the surgery consist of?

    Eyelid tumor surgery is performed in an operating room under local anesthesia and with sedation, so that the patient is awake but calm during the intervention.
    The operation consists of two parts mainly: the tumor must first be removed using minimally invasive surgery. Second, we reconstruct the eyelid to look normal and similar to your other eyelid.
    Depending on the size and / or extent of the tumor, it will require a different surgical technique taking into account always preserving eye health and vision.


    As with any other operation may be risks typical of surgical intervention, which, however, in the hands of a qualified plastic surgeon are very small.

    When the problem occurs in one eyelid, it may result in principle is not asymmetric, but over time this problem disappears.

    During the first few days it may appear edema or swelling around the eyes, bruising or ocular discomfort will subside gradually. Likewise, you may experience some difficulty in closing the eyelids that requires the use of eye creams for a few days.

    Orbital fractures

    The orbit is a bone that surrounds and protects the eye, it is a complex, small and compact structure that when fractured should be treated by a surgeon specialized in orbital reconstruction.

    Orbit fractures are usually caused by strong blows to the face, either during a sporting activity, by a physical aggression or as a result of a traffic accident. These types of injuries are usually accompanied by damage to the optic nerve, eye muscles, and tear ducts.

    ¿Cómo es la cirugía para fracturas de órbita?

    El tratamiento dependerá de la gravedad y la ubicación de la lesión. En los casos más leves puede bastar con guardar reposo durante unos días y usar hielo, descongestivos y antibióticos. Si es necesaria una intervención, la cirugía para fracturas de órbita se realizará en un quirófano y siempre de la mano de un especialista, ya que puede ser necesario eliminar fragmentos de hueso, liberar músculos del ojo atrapados, restablecer la arquitectura normal de la órbita y reparar deformidades del reborde del ojo que afectan a su apariencia.

    Frequently asked questions about surgery for orbit fractures

    Are there any risks?
    In most cases the prognosis is good, and although you need surgery to repair the fracture, this type of intervention has a high success rate and a low risk of long-term complications.
    When can I return to work?
    The duration of the injury depends on the location and severity of the fracture. In most cases, inflammation and bruising disappear within a week or ten days. However, fractured bones take longer to heal. If surgery is necessary to repair the injured area, the surgeon may delay the intervention several weeks to allow the area to deflate.




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