Gynecomastia and adipomastia are abnormalities that cause a man to have a female breast appearance. A man’s chest is usually flat, with a small areola and no excess skin. If you don’t like the way your breast is looking when you look in the mirror, you should know that we can solve this problem with a Cosmetic Breast Reduction Surgery.

When a man has a woman-looking breast, he may feel very self-conscious. This problem can condition many aspects of your life, from looking in the mirror or getting dressed to having intimate relationships.

If you don’t want it to continue to affect your self-esteem, if you want to regain your self-confidence, don’t hesitate any more and learn more about breast reduction in men. Neither diet nor physical exercise will make the problem go away, the only option is to be brave and go to a Plastic Surgeon.

Why breasts develop in men

The breasts in men grow when they get fat (adipomastia) or if the mammary gland overgrowths (gynecomastia). An unhealthy lifestyle will easily make us fatter, as the fat deposits in the breast increase, it will take on a more feminine shape.

In some cases we cannot determine the cause, but we know that a high presence of female hormones in the body (or greater sensitivity to them), a low level of testosterone, the side effects of some medications (for hypertension, cholesterol, ADHD, etc.) or for example the consumption of anabolic steroids favor the development of gynecomastia.

Male breasts may appear as early as adolescence, however, we do not intervene until development is complete. In minors it is advisable to wait because the problem may disappear on its own. If we want to reduce the risk of developing a female breast, the ideal is to avoid overweight in minors. Otherwise, the more fat they have, the greater the accumulation of estrogen, a female hormone that will promote breast development.

Once you reach maturity, there is no ideal age to perform breast reduction in men. Before the intervention is carried out, a series of tests are carried out. The goal is to rule out any hormonal changes that may be causing the problem.

Gynecomastia operation for breast reduction in men

The gynecomastia operation consists of the partial removal of the mammary gland and the aspiration of excess fat by liposuction. In this way we achieve a breast reduction in men with definitive results.

If necessary, it is also possible to reduce the size of the areola. Even if the breasts are very large we have techniques to reposition the areola and remove the excess skin. If we plan the intervention well, we will achieve a very firm and flat male torso.

Although it may seem so, it is not a complex surgery and rarely has complications. No hospital admission is required, so you can return home after the operation. In the vast majority of cases, the patient recovers without problems and there is no trace of the surgery.

In short, we must be clear that gynecomastia cannot be solved with diet and physical exercise. The solution to this problem is a breast reduction in men. To resolve any doubts, it is best to make an informative appointment with the specialist. Dr. Martinez Gutierrez is a specialist in Plastic Surgery and will be happy to assist you and evaluate your case personally.

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