face and neck lift

The face and neck lift is a surgical technique that can mitigate the effects that have been produced in our face and neck aging, gravity, sun exposure, stress, and other factors.

Using a face and neck lift we reduce the folds and wrinkles. The lift can be practiced only in certain parts of the face, or we can do a complete treatment of the face and neck, in which case it is often combined with eyelid surgery to eliminate this another sign of aging.

In your initial consultation, Dr. Martinez Gutierrez will conduct an evaluation of the skin and bony structures, there will be a brief review of your medical history to avoid problems that may complicate the surgery and he will recommend you the most suitable procedure to get the best possible outcome in each case.

What is the procedure?

Surgery to face and neck lift is performed in an operating either in a clinic or hospital. Generally requires hospitalization, receiving a medical discharge the next day. General anesthesia is usually used, so that the patient will be asleep during the procedure.

For this surgery incisions are made in areas hidden by the hair and using the natural folds of the ear, then the surgeon works on different tissue layers of the face to replace them in the correct position. The surgeon may remove excess fat to improve the contour, and finally the skin is placed in the correct position. Naturally, the excess skin is removed from incisions.


In the neck eliminates unsightly or gill bands through a small hidden incision under the chin.

After surgery, a bandage is applied and drainage tubes behind the ears to remove any liquid that may accumulate. The swelling and some bruising are normal during the first few weeks. It is also important to keep some rest and avoid strain. After two weeks, both inflammation and bruising will be reduced.


» Are there risks?, As in any other operation may be risks typical of an operation, which, however, in the hands of a qualified plastic surgeon are very small. Complications that occur include hematoma, temporary injury to the nerves that control facial muscles, infection and reactions to anesthesia.

» I have pain after the operation?, Thanks to medication that is prescribed, you can control most of the discomfort. You may feel certain areas of numb skin, this is normal and disappears after a few weeks, as swelling and bruising.

The first few weeks is normal in some areas feel a sense of numbness that will recover slowly.

» When I can get back to work?, After a couple of days you will be better, however, you must stay at rest the first week. Many patients resume their routine after ten days or a few weeks.

» When can I sunbathe?, You should be aware that the skin will be slightly dehydrated after surgery, so you should avoid sun exposure during the first months. During the first two or three weeks is advised not to take the sun until the scars are no longer red and after that use a sunscreen with a high protection factor. Thus, these scars will heal and will gradually decline and dissembling.