breast lift

The breast lift or mastopexy is a surgical technique which aims to reshape and lift the breast. Also, to get a better result, the surgeon may place a prosthesis to gain volume.

In the woman’s life can happen episodes as pregnancy and lactation, or simply the effects of gravity and loss of elasticity of the skin (breast ptosis) over the years that make their breasts tend to fall.

In the first consultation, Dr. Martínez Gutiérrez will complete a medical evaluation, which will take into account factors such as skin tone or the size and shape of the breast. Then he will advise the surgical technique that will offer the best possible outcome for each case.

What is the procedure?

The breast lift surgery is performed in an operating either in a clinic or hospital. Generally required hospitalization, receiving a medical discharge the next day. Breast lift surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia, so the patient is asleep during the operation, which lasts one to three hours.

The operation is similar to breast reduction, except that here the incisions are typically smaller. The idea is to remove excess skin to reshape the chest and place the areola and nipple in a higher position.


After surgery is sometimes placed drainage tubes and a bandage or special bra. The drains are usually removed after 24 hours.


» Are there scars?, Indeed this type of surgery leaves scars, initially will be pink, but over the weeks the scars will improve. Following the advice of Dr. Martinez Gutierrez about care after surgery, over time the scars will become much less visible. It’s very important to use sunscreen and moisturize scars, while healing on each person is very individual.

» I have pain after the operation?, With medication prescribed by the doctor, the aches and pains will be controlled, however, during the two weeks following the operation you may feel some pain.

» When I can get back to work?, The first few days is normal to feel tired, however most patients can return to normal in a few days, and even returning to their jobs, depending on the type of work you do.

» Are there risks?, As in any other operation may be risks typical of an operation, which, however, in the hands of a qualified plastic surgeon are very small. The drawbacks associated with this type of surgery include the loss of sensation in the nipples, which is usually temporary in most cases.

» Can I breastfeed after surgery?, Approximately 50% of patients operated on for breast lift, with or without prostheses, can breastfeed after surgery.